WBTW S1E16: Farmers Cup 2022 Home Grown Flower Recap

In the most celebratory episode yet, Ursula is back from her much needed birthday bash, and celebrating in style with her #1 pick for yummy bubbles! Not to be outdone, Big Casino is bringing the flower power to a very important 4/20 recap, rating his picks for category winners as a VIP Judge at the 2022 Farmers Cup (4/20 Edition) in San Diego, California. Stay tuned for the official award winners, announced at Cannabis Row in Balboa Park on April 24th, as part of the Earth Fair 2022. The gang had a ton of fun making this year’s holiday bigger than ever, and the whole WBTW Family wish a safe and fun day of Recreational Relaxation!

Weed Between The Wines Episode 16

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