Quick Sesh with Big Casino #8 – Mikey Tebb

Continuing the 4/20 celebration, Big Casino sits down for a Quick Sesh with a dude who is truly following his passions, and changing the way we see Cannabis today. Mikey Tebb is an extremely skilled photographer and videographer, working with multiple brands and farms throughout California. He really understands the in’s and out’s of the current Cannabis market, and breaks down the industry from a dispensary’s point of view. He is currently working for Ivy Hill in Oakland as their Marketing Guru, and you can find his work all over Instagram and YouTube.

Today, Mikey is helping to put some expert perspective on 10 different concentrates, which Big Casino is challenged to pick the very best as a VIP Judge for the Farmer’s Cup (4/20 Edition) in San Diego, California. Winners of all of the categories will be announced on April 24th at the Earth Fair 2022 celebration in Balboa Park. Entry to the fair is free for all ages, but make sure you adults take a second to swing by the Cannabis Row for some awesome goodies and prizes!

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Quick Sesh with Big Casino Episode 8

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