WBTW S2E1: Juggernaut Pinot Noir and Fig Farms 6ixth Sense

Season 2 of Weed Between The Wines starts off with bold flavors and premium choices for flower and vino. In the first of ten episodes featuring the Bogle Family Winery, Big Casino and Ursula break down Juggernaut’s offering of a Pinot Noir and pair it with Fig Farms Cannabis. Fig Farms is known as an Emerald Cup Champion, taking the coveted 1st Place Indoor Flower award in 2022. The premier ends with a review of new favorite product, Fixie, an “infused” cannabis beverage enhancer that will take you to Chilltown and fits any budget!

Stay tuned for more from the WBTW family, including another conversation with photographer and marketing wizard, Mikey Tebb, coming soon on a new episode of Quick Sesh with Big Casino.

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Weed Between The Wines Season 2 Episode 1

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