Quick Sesh with Big Casino #20: The Water Boyz (ft. Lt. Kali & Mobbo Rawbo)

Welcome to another elevating episode of Quick Sesh with Big Casino! In this smokeout, Casino is joined by a powerhouse lineup of guests: The Water Boyz, featuring Lt. Kali and Mobbo Rawbo.

Get ready for a dynamic conversation filled with laughter, insights, and a whole lot of entertainment. The Water Boyz take center stage as they announce the highly anticipated release of “Terp Wars 2” on January 19th 2024!!!

Dive into the world of animated hilarity with this talented group, and be sure to mark your calendars for the big day. Don’t miss out on their YouTube channel, where you can catch not only Terp Wars 2 but also a stash box of more spliff-splitting animated stories and skits. Joining the fun is Lt. Kali, bringing his unique perspective and personality to the table.

Discover the stories behind the man, as Kali shares experiences, anecdotes, and perhaps a sneak peek into what’s coming up in the world of Terps. And we certainly cannot forget Mobbo Rawbo! A musical artist known for his early adaptation of “Dab Rap”,

Mobbo adds his own flavor to the conversation while rolling up tight ones. The Water Boyz bring a touch of authenticity and raw energy to the podcast, so get ready for a Quick Sesh filled with laughter, exciting updates, and an incredible lineup of guests!

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Weed Between the Wines Episode 20 w/ The Water Boyz ft. Lt. Kali and Mobbo Rawbo

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