Quick Sesh with Big Casino #21: JP (Good Pizzza)

In this episode of Quick Sesh, join Big Casino LIVE from Delta Boyz Lounge in downtown Isleton, CA, as he sits down with the illustrious JP from Good Pizzza Cannabis and The Good Pizzza Podcast. Grab a slice and get comfy for this laid-back yet thought-provoking conversation. Explore the intersection of cannabis culture and podcasting, as JP shares his journey, from the inception of Good Pizzza to the unique challenges and triumphs of moving coast to coast while establishing your own brand. Discover the secrets behind crafting the perfect high and how cannabis enthusiasts can elevate their daily life, through personal exploration and growth. With laughter, anecdotes, and a spark of wisdom, this episode promises a delightful blend of Cannabis, storytelling, and insight, while creating a multi-sensory sesh for both cannabis connoisseurs and podcast fanatics alike.

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You can find Good Pizzza, Fine Craft Cannabis, at retailers all over Northern California and beyond! Remember to ask for Good Pizzza by name at your local dispensary.

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Weed Between the Wines Episode 21 w/ JP of Good Pizzza

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