Weed Between The Wines Presents: Flight School #2: Snowtill Organics

Attention passengers… Please put your rolling tray tables in the locked and loaded position. On a bonus episode of Weed Between The Wines Presents: Flight School, we’re bringing you a power packed line-up, featuring top Bay Area talent across many different disciplines.

In this episode’s manifest Host Big Casino has reservations for: Bay Area-based Founder of Snowtill Organics, cultivator Joseph Snow. High Times and LA Weekly Author and long time Cannabis activist, journalist Jimi Devine. Paul Simonian, owner of “Flyt” Cannabis lounge and delivery in Oakland, CA. Closing the cabin door behind him is professional videographer, long time friend, fan-favorite, and special guest co-host of Weed Between The Wines, Mikey Tebb.

In this format, we open up the floor to one company to lift off and put their best foot forward to present our listeners with a range of flavors, to be compared, constrasted, and reviewed by industry professionals and recreational consumers alike.

Take to the skies with us! Weed Between The Wines Presents: Flight School: The Snowtill Organics Edition

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Weed Between The Wines Presents Flight School #1

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