Quick Sesh with Big Casino #19: Chris Castle (Flora & Flame)

In this episode of “Quick Sesh with Big Casino,” listeners are brought tableside for an insightful conversation with Chris Castle, COO and one of the visionaries behind the renowned low-till living-soil cannabis brand, “Flora & Flame.” The posting of this episode coincides with the highly anticipated recreational market release of Flora & Flame’s signature living-soil flower, and Castle shares the behind-the-scenes journey of creating a brand that has become synonymous with quality and innovation in the Cannabis Industry. Listeners are treated to an exclusive peek into the challenges and triumphs that shaped Chris into who he is today, while gaining valuable insights into the evolving landscape of legalized cannabis and the growth of the brand. With Big Casino’s trademark laid-back easy-going style, this episode offers an engaging exploration of entrepreneurship, cannabis culture, and the unique journey of Flora & Flame.

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Weed Between The Wines Episode #19 w Chris Castle of Flora & Flame

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